Additional accomplishments at Thomson Reuters

  • Transformed role from a tactical support position to a trusted strategic partnership with CFO, CTO, CMO and the managing directors for the Science and Intellectual Property businesses. In just 3 months, achieved double-digit growth in employee survey responses to: Communications from my leaders are open and honest (95%), and I have enough opportunities to share ideas and provide feedback(~85%).
  • Launched several company innovation initiatives, including 3 World Café events with more than 650+ employees; an online idea-sharing community (100 ideas generated), and corporate-wide internal challenge-driven innovation challenges.
  • Led Communications supporting the Annual Sales Meeting, including executive listening sessions resulting in 250+ face-to-face and written conversations; used intranet to bring meeting to non-sales colleagues with 80+ blogs and videos posted from 20+ bloggers, with 110+ interactions and 3,500+ views – in just 72 hours.
  • Advocated for community involvement as the leader of the employee volunteer group. In two years, orchestrated 50+ events that raised $35,000+ for the Philadelphia community. Encouraged volunteerism, resulting in 1,500+ volunteer 1,500 hours logged by employees, tripling the previous year’s hours.

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